Surveys are not enough and don’t tell you the whole story.

A user performing a task on a smartphone underneath a camera while a researcher watches on a lpatop and takes notes

Sometimes it feels like UX Research has become synonymous with surveys. They’re relatively cheap, easy and can reach large amounts of users. Sounds great, right?

Wrong. Surveys aren’t as easy to design as people assume. If you ask biased or leading questions, you cannot trust your results. …

Do’s and don’ts for better error messages.

Person looking at computer with hands on their head in frustration

In 2015, before I wrote on Medium, I wrote this article on my personal website For some reason, according to the analytics on, this has had a recent spike in readers so I thought I would cross-post to Medium to reach more people. …

When to use the T-Shape designer model, the broken comb model and how a spider web helps assess competencies.

Wooden ruler with holder on a bright yellow background.

II have spent the last 14 months setting up the UX Design practice at a startup, and I am beginning to embark on a similar journey at a new company. I found myself drawing the same diagrams over and over to explain myself — a T-shape and a broken comb.

Kayla J Heffernan

Head of UX. Passionate about solving ambiguous problems with solutions that are accessible and inclusive

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